Meet Courtney

Somewhere along the way I realized that I loved food more than most.  Maybe it was when I realized that polishing off an entire carton of Moosetracks ice cream in two days wasn't normal. Or when I found myself pondering the virtues of pancakes. Or perhaps when I started wanting cookbooks more than clothes. That was a big deal for me.

Sometimes I wonder why I couldn't have been passionate about something else—like running for example. People tell me that they love running all the time—what's with that? But baking brings me and others happiness, and so I embrace it. I bet you're here because you feel the same way.

I'm not afraid to admit that food absolutely delights me! Contrary to what others may say, I believe that food is not fuel. Food is comfort, it is memories, it is joy. And there's nothing wrong with that. It makes me sad when people talk about feeling guilty after enjoying a meal or treat. Of course we should strive for overall good health, but there are plenty of things to feel sad about in this world, and enjoying delicious food should not be among them.

I've been a lucky girl from the start. I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland in an amazing family. My dad is one of the greatest guys alive and my mom is infinitely talented. I owe her a lot because she taught me to never be afraid to try new things. Like starting this blog for example! My sister Brooke and I are alike in a lot of ways, (including an obsession with treats) but she's always been a little more adventurous, and I love that about her.

Marrying my husband Gradon was hands down my best decision of all time. I can't express how much I love him. So naturally, I call him Lover. We fell in love in college at BYU, tied the knot back east, and have been basking in wedded bliss ever since!

We're now living in Rochester, New York where he's completing an internal medicine residency. We love this place!

I love shopping at antique stores, baking, doing pilates, pouring over cookbooks, going to church, spending time with family, playing outside, surfing the blogosphere and exploring fun restaurants in Rochester. Residency keeps Gradon pretty busy, but we take little day trips and vacas whenever we can, and cherish every moment.

I will always have pictures to accompany my recipes. I'm a visual person, and have never had the guts to try a recipe that I can't visualize. My favorite recipes are fresh bread, decadent brownies, sweet frostings, creamy cheesecake and cheesy pasta. But I like to keep it balanced by sharing healthy dinner recipes too!

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world. Your visits sand support mean everything to me! I love sharing my favorite recipes with all of you!

If you're local to Rochester and have an event coming up or a gift in mind, check out Belle of the Cake Ball! I'm always ready to whip up something special. If you're hungry for more, follow me on Pinterest! Happy Baking.

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  1. Hey,
    Luv all the pics of you, your girl-friends and your family. I especially like the pic of you and your friends putting on make-up. I thought that was funny. The cup cakes you make always look especially yummy! :). By the way, I how you always wear the cutest outfit. U and I should totally go shopping sometime. see you in yw!!!